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POL. Colorado politics and politicians

 Record Group
Identifier: POL

Found in 107 Collections and/or Records:

A. F. Curtis collection

Identifier: COU:493

A. F. Curtis operated a hardware store in Georgetown from the 1860s until 1882. He also served as a judge, was the president of the Mercantile National Bank, and was an active Republican and a member of the Clear Creek Bible Society. The collection contains the records of Curtis' banking and hardware businesses.

Dates: 1867 - 1888

A. Gayle Waldrop collection

Identifier: COU:1652
Abstract Professor A. Gayle Waldrop (1899 – 1995) served 46 years in the University of Colorado School of Journalism. Waldrop graduated from Southwestern University and from Columbia University with a degree in journalism. While living in Boulder, Waldrop taught at the University of Colorado and improved the School of Journalism, wrote a textbook, and continued to write newspaper articles. At the end of his career, Waldrop received the Robert L. Stearns Award for his contributions to his students. ...
Dates: 1920 - 1954

A. Pattison Jr. papers

Identifier: COU:1246

The Pattison A., Jr. Collection contains newsletters, articles and pamphlets warning about the dangers of Communism in American schools, the United Nations, and Civil Rights movements. Pattison, a Boulder resident, was president of the right wing Save America Constitutionally Club during the 1960’s.

Dates: 1957 - 1961

Arthur C. Johnson papers

Identifier: COU:875
Scope and Contents The Arthur Chilion Johnson papers consist of correspondence, diaries, as well as selected business document, photographs, scrapbooks, published writings and book manuscript. The body of the collection is a series of 45 diaries spanning the years 1885-1937. In the correspondence there are approximately 450 Johnson letters primarily to his mother in Colorado, written during his army career (Philippine war). World travels as a free – lance reporter, and life in Washington,...
Dates: 1887 - 1937

Barnett Nover interview

Identifier: COU:1183

Mort Stern interview of Barnett Nover, Washington Bureau Chief for the Denver Post. Discussion included Republican politics, the 1948 Republican Convention and the establishment of a Washington bureau for the Post. Also included is a typed summary of the interview.

Dates: 1970

Boulder County Government records

Identifier: COU:175

This collection contains government information for Boulder County. It includes Statement of the Treasurer, and information on various school districts as well as Memorandums by the County Superintendent. This is a general and loosely put together collection probably coming from scattered material that was received in the 1970s.

Dates: 1906 - 1970

Boulder county independent political parties records

Identifier: COU:179

The Boulder County Independent Political Parties Records consists of mailings, pamphlets, booklets, publications, and papers collected in Boulder County, Colorado, concerning the political views and proposals of United We Stand America and the Patriot Movement, Lyndon LaRouche, and other independent political groups, 1987 through 2002.

Dates: 1987 - 2002

Boulder Rail-Splitters papers

Identifier: COU:201

Charter for the Boulder Rail-Splitters, a Republican club.

Dates: 1926

Boulder Valley League of Women Voters records

Identifier: COU:206
Abstract Records documenting the activities of the Boulder Valley League of Women Votes, a nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization promoting citizen awareness and voter participation. Organized by Carrie Chapman Catt at the victory convention celebrating the attainment of women's suffrage in 1920, the National League worked to promote a greater understanding of election and governmental processes and to study issues of concern to all citizens, and communities. Originally called the Boulder chapter...
Dates: 1931 - 1991

Byron L. Johnson papers

Identifier: COU:876

The Byron L. Johnson Collection was donated, in part, by Byron L. Johnson in 1984. The remainder was relinquished by Steve Johnson, just prior to Byron’s death, in 1999. Additional portions exist in the Archives of the Colorado Historical Society and R.T.D.

Dates: 1908 - 1970

Charles J. Moynihan papers

Identifier: COU:1109
Abstract Charles J. Moynihan (1882-1956) opened a law office in Lake City, Colorado, in 1905. In 1908, he moved to Montrose to establish the firm of Moynihan, Hughes, and Knous. Moynihan specialized in criminal and water law, served as Mayor of Montrose (1914-1916), was a member of the State Board of Corrections (1917-1931), and a Public Lands Commissioner under President Herbert Hoover. He was a noted public speaker, a Republican Party activist, and an authority on Abraham Lincoln. The collection...
Dates: 1908 - 1956

Charles M. Campbell papers

Identifier: COU:294
Abstract This collection contains an assortment of materials from Charles M. Campbell who lived from 1842 to 1922. The C.M. Campbell (1842-1922) papers contain political ephemera relating to elections, real estate development, and labor parties. Material relating to Presbyterian and other religious denominations include doctoral tracts, programs and material on local parishes. There is Boulder promotional material included in this collection. Also included are letters, petitions and speeches on...
Dates: 1842 - 1922

Charles Tarbell papers

Identifier: COU:1560

Charles Tarbell was a Saguache County Rancher, Banker, and Congressman. The collection contains correspondence with Wil Tufford and others, relating to efforts to establish governmental pensions for the veterans of Downers Guards, the militia unit which helped quall the uprising of 1879. Topics covered in the collection include Indian agents, banking, Saguache county, and Wil Tufford.

Dates: 1858 - 1928

Clay Packer Malick memorial lectures

Identifier: COU:2373

Clay Malick came to the University of Colorado in 1936 as a Political Science professor specializing in constitutional law and political theory. During WWII he served as a consultant on the War Labor Board.

Dates: 1930 - 1960

Clinton M. Tyler papers

Identifier: COU:1597
Abstract Captain Tyler M. came to Colorado in 1860. Engaged in hardware business and saw mill with N.K. Smith. He was partners with J.P. Maxwell in saw mill and wagon roads in South and Middle Boulder Canyons. Tyler organized rangers against Native Americans in 1864. Captain Tyler was a member of the first city government of Blackhawk and Territorial Legislature. He was a Regent of the University of Colorado at Boulder in his later years. On an interesting note, Captain Tyler had a daughter,...
Dates: 1812 - 1877

Colin B. Goodykoontz papers

Identifier: COU:667
Abstract The Colin B. Goodykoontz (1885-1958) Collection consists partly of personal materials of Goodykoontz, his family and relatives: genealogies, correspondence, diaries, account books, photographs, and postcards. However, academic and educational materials created and collected throughout his professional career represent the majority of the holding. These materials consist of books, manuscripts, articles, presentation papers, lecture notes and illustrative pieces, articles by mentors,...
Dates: 1857 - 1958

Colorado Council of Churches collection

Identifier: COU:382
Abstract The Colorado Council of Churches was founded in 1926 as the Colorado Council of Religious Education by Jesse Arnold, former Boys' Work secretary of the Denver YMCA. The Denver Council of Religious Education came into being almost simultaneously. They maintained close but distinct relations until financial difficulties forced absorption of the Denver Council in 1967. While Christian education has always been the center of the Councils' endeavors, they have also been active in social...
Dates: 1926 - 1968

Colorado Elected Representatives records

Identifier: COU:395

Newsletters and reports from various Colorado elected representatives. Included are reports from Gordon Allott, William Armstrong, Don Brotzman, Peter H. Dominick, Floyd K. Haskell, Dan Schaefer, David Skaggs and Tim Wirth.

Dates: 1962 - 1986

Colorado Freeze Voter collection

Identifier: COU:402

Subject files, publications, correspondence, and activity files on Colorado Freeze Voter, a Boulder-based, mid-1980s anti-nuclear organization which sought to organize voters against Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility, and nuclear weapons production and deployment. Also included are files on the "Great Peace March" of 1986, Boulder Bilateral Nuclear Freeze Campaign, and the Encirclement of Rocky Flats.

Dates: 1970 - 1980

Colorado National Organization for Women papers

Identifier: COU:420

The Colorado National Organization for Women contains correspondence, newsletters, memos, financial records, posters, minutes, memorabilia and information on local chapters. The National Organization for Women was established in 1966 with Betty Friedan as the first president of the organization. The Colorado National Organization for Women was founded in 1970. The collection spans from 1970-2005.

Dates: 1970 - 2005

Colorado State Federation of Labor records

Identifier: COU:437

The Colorado State Federation of Labor was organized in 1896 to coordinate the efforts of the state's labor unions. Its industrial union emphasis prevented it from affiliating with the AFL until 1905. When the AFL combined with the CIO in 1955, the State Federation merged with the Colorado Industrial Union Council to form the Colorado Labor Council (# 1139).

Dates: 1896 - 1955

Colorado State Grange records

Identifier: COU:438

The Colorado State Grange was organized in the 1870s as an educational and social organization for farmers.

Dates: 1914 - 1958

Colorado Territorial Delegates letters to congress

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: U183071301487]
Identifier: COU:441

Autobiographical letters by four of Colorado's territorial delegates to Congress: Hiram P. Bennet, Allen A. Bradford, George Chilcott and John Evans.

Dates: 1864 - 1867

Colorado Women's Political Caucus records

Identifier: COU:447

The CWPC formed on the national, state and local level to organize the political power of women. This collection contains papers from 1973-1983 for the Colorado State Caucus primarily but also includes some local and national caucus material. Boulder and Colorado Springs had the largest local caucuses. Additional reference material about women’s activities in Colorado between 1973 and 1983 is also included.

Dates: 1973 - 1983

Conrad McBride papers

Identifier: COU:4009

Conrad McBride was a long-term CU Boulder Political Science professor and an expert on the American presidency and natural resource management. The McBride Collection consists of textbooks, bound reports, and congressional records spanning the years 1930-1993.

Dates: 1972 - 1990

CU Campus Democrats collection

Identifier: COU:2288
Abstract The Campus Democrats (1980-1992) was a version of a long-term student Democratic organization at the University of Colorado Boulder dating back to 1932 and operating until the present under different names. The organization promoted the Democratic Party platform and candidates both in local politics and national campaigns. The collection contains documents, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and photographs concerning the Campus Democrats organization and their efforts in promoting the...
Dates: 1980 - 1992

David E. Skaggs papers

Identifier: COU:1466
Abstract CLOSED UNTIL 2019, EXCEPT BY DONOR PERMISSION.David E. Skaggs represented Colorado in both the Colorado House of Representatives (1980-86) and the US House of Representatives (1987-99). A Democrat, he was elected in 1980 to the Colorado House of Representatives where he served three terms. He next was elected to represent Colorado’s 2nd District in the US House in the 100th Congress in 1986, replacing Tim Wirth. While in the House, Skaggs was a member of several committees...
Dates: 1980 - 1999

David H. Nichols papers

Identifier: COU:1174
Abstract David H. Nichols (1828-1908) moved to Boulder, Colorado, in 1860. He opened a blacksmith shop, but quickly switched to ranching. As a captain in Company H, the Third Colorado Cavalry, Nichols took part in the Sand Creek Massacre. He served several terms in the legislature and was Lieutenant Governor under Davis White. Nichols served on the Board of Commissioners of the Colorado State Penitentiary starting in 1878. The collection contains correspondence, deeds, receipts, biographical...
Dates: 1862 - 1891

Democratic National Committee recordings

Identifier: COU:517
Scope and Contents

Tapes of discussions at a meeting held in Denver by the Democratic Party Commission on Party Structure and Delegate Selection.

Dates: 1969

Denver City and County Elections collections

Identifier: COU:519
Scope and Contents

The collection holds printed items including political campaign brochures, newspaper articles discussing political issues and candidates for election, plus sample ballots

Dates: Undated