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Colorado Theater Records

Identifier: COU:442
Abstract Pioneers and miners brought theater to Colorado during its first decades of settlement. The Colorado Theater Collection is a composite collection of programs, season announcements, invitations, tickets and publicity information from Colorado theaters. Programs for vaudeville, opera, plays and individual performances are also included. The programs in the collection range in date from 1879 to 1979.
Dates: 1879 - 1979

Colorado Vietnam Veterans Against the War records

Identifier: COU:443
Abstract The national Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) is an organization that was created in 1967 to provide for the rights of all veterans in the United States. The Colorado branch of the VVAW existed from at least the middle of 1971-May 1972. The Colorado Vietnam Veterans Against the War Collection contains editions of the Colorado organization’s monthly newsletter of the group, Hoa Binh (peace), published between December 1971-May 1972.
Dates: 1971 - 1972

Colorado Water Congress records

Identifier: COU:444
Abstract The Colorado Water Congress (CWC) was organized (c.1959) to bring about the advancement of programs for the conservation, development and protection of the water resources of Colorado. It was also formed to consolidate the variety of information produced by the many water related organizations. It has members from every Colorado watershed and every classification of water user. The materials in this collection relate to water at the organization level, the State level and the Federal level.
Dates: 1959 - 1980

Colorado Women's Christian Temperance Union papers

Identifier: COU:446
Abstract This collection contains information about the Temperance movement in Boulder and Colorado from the founding of the Boulder WCTU in 1881 to 1985. Efforts are being made to keep the records current. Included in the collection are the minute and treasurer’s books, the guest books for Rest Cottage, and numerous books, newspapers, and pamphlets about temperance and the WCTU.
Dates: 1881 - 1985

Colorado Women's Political Caucus records

Identifier: COU:447
Abstract The CWPC formed on the national, state and local level to organize the political power of women. This collection contains papers from 1973-1983 for the Colorado State Caucus primarily but also includes some local and national caucus material. Boulder and Colorado Springs had the largest local caucuses. Additional reference material about women’s activities in Colorado between 1973 and 1983 is also included.
Dates: 1973 - 1983

Columbine Mine Incident Collection

Identifier: COU:449
Abstract The Columbine Mine Incident took place on November 21, 1927, during the mine workers’ attempt to picket the working conditions and wages of the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company. Unidentified members of the newly-instated Colorado State Police shot into a crowd of some two to six hundred picketers, killing six and wounding twenty.
Dates: 1927

Columbine Mine Massacre collection

Identifier: COU:450
Abstract This collection contains two copies of the Weld county coroner’s inquest into the deaths of John Eastenes and Nick Spanudakhis, November 22-23, 1927. As miners picketing the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company at the Columbine mine in Serene, Colorado, both men were shot to death by members of the Colorado State Police on November 21, 1927 in an act of crowd control. The coroner’s inquest contains the testimony of the doctor who first attended the dead men, representatives of the state police, and some...
Dates: 1927

Comision de Derechos Humanos de El Salvador collection

Identifier: COU:452
Abstract Case files in Spanish documenting killings, extrajudicial executions, disappearances, torture, and other human rights abuses in El Salvador 1974-1992.
Dates: 1974 - 1992

Committee of Concerned Scientists papers

Identifier: COU:451
Abstract Files contain the papers of Dr. Melvin Pomerantz from his tenure, as a founder, co-chair and member of the Committee for Concerned Scientists (1972-1994). The collection of papers includes a great deal of the Committee for Concerned Scientists’ correspondence, meeting notes, and information on specific cases in which they became involved. The bulk of the collection deals with the significant role C.C.S. played in pursuing the advancement of human rights of scientists in all parts of the...
Dates: 1972 - 1994

Compiled Arts

Identifier: COU:2477

Conference on World Affairs collection

Identifier: COU:3805
Abstract The Conference on World Affairs is a one week event at the University of Colorado at which journalists, scholars, writers, musicians, government officials, and international figures meet to discuss world, national, local and personal affairs. The materials in the collection (1948-1998) include programs, audio tapes, video tapes, photographs, papers, and one oversize scrapbook.
Dates: 1948 - 1999

Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) Collection

Identifier: COU:456
Abstract The Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) Reports contain copies of professional reports and internal correspondence.
Dates: 1946 - 1950

Conrad McBride papers

Identifier: COU:4009
Abstract Conrad McBride was a long-term CU Boulder Political Science professor and an expert on the American presidency and natural resource management. The McBride Collection consists of textbooks, bound reports, and congressional records spanning the years 1930-1993.
Dates: 1972 - 1990

Consolidated Ditch Company records

Identifier: COU:458
Abstract Two local companies organized to divert waters of Fall River, for Gilpin County miners, merged to form the Consolidated Ditch Co. on July 21, 1859. Charter with 30 years exclusive rights was obtained from Jefferson Territorial Government and the canal was completed July 19, 1860. Paid for itself in the first year. New York syndicate later gained control. The collection contains minutes and Board of Directors, Stock Records and journal and ledger.
Dates: 1859 - 1868

Consolidated Mining Brokerage Company

Identifier: COU-459
Scope and Contents Reports to stockholders on the Company's interests in the Black Wonder Gold and Silver Mining Co. and the West End Mill, both in Lake City, Colorado. Also various blank forms of the brokerage company.
Dates: 1890

Constantine A. Raises Papers

Identifier: COU:1327
Abstract The Constantine A. Raises Collection consists mostly of materials pertaining to the Floating University academic program active between 1926 and 1936, and connected to Raises’ direct involvement. Artifacts of the collection include books, itineraries, souvenirs, and photographs documenting early voyages. There are also promotional materials and applications, publicity clippings written by Raises and others, as well as correspondence, reports, and financial records (managed by Raises in his...
Dates: 1926 - 1985

Continuing Education and Extension Center papers

Identifier: COU:2495
Abstract The University of Colorado’s Division of Continuing Education was originally called the Extension Center from 1912-1950s. The major objective of this division was to create a place for individuals to learn about information technology who were unable to attend a traditional four-year university. The collection contains the division’s records and files from the 1920s until the 1980s.
Dates: 1920 - 1989

Coors International Bicycle Classic

Identifier: COU-462
Scope and Contents This collection consists of official publications issued by the sponsoring organizations. This bicycle race, which was run over mountainous highways as well as urban environs, was begun by Celestial Seasons, a Boulder, Colorado, maker and distributor of herbal teas, in the 1970's. Formerly known as the Red Zinger, the race later was sponsored by the Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado, and expanded to become the Coors International Bicycle Classic.
Dates: 1977 - 1983

Council Of Deans Records

Identifier: COU:2012
Abstract Collection consists a portion of the minutes of the Council of Deans of the University of Colorado, formed under the aegis of the President until 1974, when the new multi-campus university system placed the Deans of the Boulder Campus under the new Chancellor of the Boulder Campus. The Council of Deans met to establish and oversee academic standards, policies and procedures between their respective colleges and between the campus at Boulder and the centers in Denver and Colorado Springs until...
Dates: 1959 - 1979

Country School Legacy

Identifier: COU:468
Abstract 1975-1984 Andrew Gulliford, then a school teacher in Western Colorado, directed the Country School Legacy Project, 1980-1982. Funded by NEH, the project created historical collections about the one room school house in each of eight western states: Colorado, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Wyoming. This archive documents Gulliford's activities related to the project. It includes correspondence, staff research reports, printed material and original sources including...
Dates: 1975 - 1984

County Information Service

Identifier: COU:473
Abstract The County Information Service of the Cooperative Extension Service, Colorado State University; Fort Collins, publishes data on each county in Colorado. Statistics are compiled on general characteristics of each county; agriculture, economics, government, health and welfare, housing and recreation. Current data is kept in the Reference Department. Outdated statistics are sent to the Western Historical Collections and filed in this collection. Originally, the Reference Department maintained a...
Dates: 1968

Course Evaluations

Identifier: COU2513

Cripple Creek Strike volume

Identifier: COU:478
Scope and Contents A printed and bound volume, The Cripple Creek Strike is subtitled "A History of the Industrial Wars of Colorado 1903-4-5". The author, Emma F. Langdon, a resident of the hard-rock mining camp named Victor, wife of a typographer of the Victor Daily Record, closely observed the strife between the mine owners and their employees, represented by the Western Federation of Miners. The content of Langdon's 463-page book is ardently pro-worker and union in its discussion of the WFM strike and its...
Dates: 1903 - 1905

Crockett Bit & Spur Co

Identifier: COU-482
Scope and Contents This small collection holds a 28 page printed catalogue, issue number 49, and a 4 page supplement, issued by the Crockett Bit & Spur Company, distributors of high quality, hand made stainless steel and aluminum products. These included bits, spurs, buckles and related metal pieces for the western horseman. The catalogue cover drawing is dated 1948.
Dates: 1948

CU Boulder COVID-19 web archive

Identifier: COU:5038
Abstract Web site captures of COVID-19 or coronavirus news and announcements, centered on the CU Boulder campus and communities around it – students, faculty, staff, and administration. Sites archived include official campus pages, local reporting and newspapers, along with Boulder county announcemens. Web captures are facilitated and hosted by the Archive-It service. Captures began in March 2020 and are ongoting, and are directed by the Digital Archivist and Archives unit. Please look under 'Digital...
Dates: 2020-03-11

CU Campus Democrats collection

Identifier: COU:2288
Abstract The Campus Democrats (1980-1992) was a version of a long-term student Democratic organization at the University of Colorado Boulder dating back to 1932 and operating until the present under different names. The organization promoted the Democratic Party platform and candidates both in local politics and national campaigns. The collection contains documents, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and photographs concerning the Campus Democrats organization and their efforts in promoting the Democratic...
Dates: 1980 - 1992