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Cartes de visite

Subject Source: TGM II, Genre and physical characteristic terms

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Civil War Cartes de Visite Album, 1861 - 1865

 Item — Box 84
Scope and Contents

This extensive album features 88 albumen cartes de visite capturing key individuals in the Civil War including, but not limited to, Gens. McClellan, Grant, and Lee; Presidents Lincoln and Davis; Clara Barton, abolitionists, John Brown, and soldiers. There are also prints that feature contemporary foreign dignitaries including Queen Victoria, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Emperor Franz Josef, Emperor Louis Napoleon and Empress Eugenie.

Dates: 1861 - 1865

European Carte des Visite Travel Photograph Album, 1865 - 1867

 Item — Box 24
Scope and Contents

This photograph album contains 60 cartes des visite (albumen), which include monumental architecture and cathedrals across England and Europe, as well as 1 from China. There are also prints of individuals in regional costumes and leaders of the Fenian Brotherhood (IRB).

Dates: 1865 - 1867

Greene and Cheney Family Photograph Album, 1863 - 1870

 Item — Box 56
Scope and Contents

This family album contains 38 cartes des visite, 4 of which are hand-colored. This album features the Greene-Cheney family from 1863-1870s.

Dates: 1863 - 1870

Irish Cartes de Visite Album, 1861

 Item — Box 86
Scope and Contents

This album features 25 cartes de visite featuring the presumed acquaintences and family of Agnes Tiernan and the recipient of this album, Hogan. These albumen prints were taken in Paris, Dublin, and Glasgow, and Kilkenny.

Dates: 1861

Marvin, Anderson, Seale Family, 1870 - 1874

Scope and Contents

CDV's photographed by Nadar and painted by Kurtz from July 1872-1874. Photographs are oval shaped, one of two young girls, the other of a man and a woman. Both are family style portraits, later colored in. Photographs are taken in Paris, France. The photograph of the young girls is in poor condition and is dirty, hindering some of the viewability. There is also large writing on the back of the photograph.

Dates: 1870 - 1874

Miscellaneous Travels in Great Britain and Mexico Photograph Album, 1870 - 1886

 Item — Box 16
Scope and Contents

A photograph album containing 26 albumen prints of paintings and 17 additional albumen prints of urban landscapes and monumental architecture of England and Mexico.

Dates: 1870 - 1886

Pomeroy-Cooper Family Photograph Album, 1865 - 1885

 Item — Box 45
Scope and Contents

This photograph album includes 63 albumen prints, a collection of cartes des visite and cabinet cards, highlighting various members of the Pomeroy-Cooper family of New England--MA, CT, NY. Handsomely bound in a leather album featuring gilt border and a lily of the valley inlay.

Dates: 1865 - 1885

Sanderson and Freed Family Photograph Album, 1861 - 1867

 Item — Box 17
Scope and Contents

This photograph album contains 29 cartes des visite (albumen), 2 of which are hand-colored, of the immediate and extended members of the Sanderson and Freed families.

Dates: 1861 - 1867

[Southern Cartes de Visite Album], 1869 - 1879

 Item — Box 94
Scope and Contents

This photograph album features 22 albumen cartes de visite. Aside from families and individuals posing, this album contains two prints of flags of the Confederate State of America.

Dates: 1869 - 1879

Staten Island Class Book, 1864

 Item — Box 99
Scope and Contents

This photograph album features 38 albumen cartes de visite. These prints feature 18 male and 20 female teachers at the Sabbath school in Tomkinsville, Staten Island, NY. The gilt album was a gift to superintendent D.R. Hitchcock.

Dates: 1864

Unknown Conneticut Family Photograph Album, 1879 - 1889

 Item — Box 61
Scope and Contents

This album features 16 tintypes, 15 cabinet cards, 57 cartes des visite, 4 of which are hand-colored. These prints capture the various members of a Connecticut family in different scenes across the span of approximately 15 years.

Dates: 1879 - 1889

Unknown New York Family Photograph Album, 1863 - 1873

 Item — Box 18
Scope and Contents

This photograph album contains 206 cartes des visite and 2 tintypes of a New York extended family [?]. Also includes cartes des visite of George and Martha Washington and one of Queen Victoria's children.

Dates: 1863 - 1873